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film_musicals's Journal

Classic Film Musicals
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This is a community dedicated to classic movie musicals from 1929-1960.

-Be kind
-Feel free to post icons and promotions, but only if they're related
-Keep on topic

Welcome! :) Anyone is free to join. If you'd like to learn more about classic movie musicals you can visit:

ReelJewels.com - Dedicated to stars of the 30's-50's.

Classic Movie Musicals - Extensive database by Jim Johnson on Classic Movie Musicals.

If you have time, filling out this survey would be lovely:

What are your favorite musicals?
What are your favorite musical numbers?
Who are your favorite musical stars? Singers? Dancers?
Who are your favorite composers?
How long have you loved classic musicals?
Do you think musicals are neglected as far as classic movies go?